19 December 2012

Christmas Tea by Coffeeway

Happy Holidays to everyone!

This is a rather different post. For all the tea lovers out there (or for those who do not love tea but love beverages) I swear to you..you are going to love this!

A few days ago I stopped by a Coffeeway shop and I bought some Christmas tea. This is a product that Coffeeway makes and sells only for Christmas time and it seems to be a very popular one. 
I was really captivated by the smell of it in the store, let alone when I made it at home. 
This contains Rooibos tea (which is caffeine free and highly antioxidant), cinnamon, cloves, aniseed, apples, oranges, red pepper and so many other things and spices that I really can't put my finger on! 
It sounds delicious, doesn't it? Everything you need for a cold holiday night! 
Actually I'm going to stock for the winter!

I hope you try this and enjoy!
Until then...keep warm!


  1. Yum yum yum!!!

    Πήγα προχτές να πάρω άλλο ένα φακελάκι κι είχε εξαντληθεί :( Έπρεπε να το έχουν όλο το χρόνο!


    1. Nαι... το ζητούσαν κ άλλοι!