15 March 2013

Home Spa

Hello beautiful!

The other night I was feeling stressed and not well in general. So I thought about having a home spa before going to bed.
A few days back I had bought some aromatherapy balls from Fresh Line

These seem like any other ball that dissolves in your bathtub. But it's not your typical ball! You use this after shower, aka on clean skin, since it's pretty much a home spa! So when you 're clean, you fill your bathtub with water and throw your ball in there. You lay and let all the oils do their job. 
So, depending on the ball you choose and the different oils that each one is made of, you can have a relaxing spa, a soothing spa, an energizing one etc...There are even some for muscle pain relief!
" Use : Shower first and fill the bathtub with water. Drop the bath ball in the water and lay in the water for at least 10 min. For best results after the bath, pat dry with a towel and leave the essential oils to penetrate the skin. Bath balls are ideal for those who suffer from varicose veins and cannot exfoliate. Bath balls contain fruit acids and therefore offer a type of passive exfoliation. We recommend the use of a bath ball 2-3 times per week."
I used the "Phaedra" aromatherapy ball -(all the products have taken their names from Greek mythology)- which has sweet exotic scents, is exfoliating, moisturizing, softening and sparkling.
"A round bathroom delight that explodes in the bathtub, releasing sweet sensual scents. A floral blend from violet, lavender and many other essential oils that were inspired from the maddening love story of Phaedra. The recipe contains natural oils, and silver glittering bits that leave your skin hydrated and glowing."
 It is pure white with a purple - lavender topping and silver glitter, really nice!

The ball made the water light blue and I could see the glitter particles and the oil.
I was impressed.
It was so moisturizing that I didn't need to use a moisturizer because I felt it would be too much.
The scent was so strong and nice -but in a good way, for me at least- that I wouldn't bother using a perfume. Even my bed sheets were smelling the next morning.
What's more, it made my skin glowing with a distinct glitter.
It felt really nice and luxurious!
Unfortunately, the only downside is that it costs about 5€, so you can't use it really often. 
But it's a good treat once in a while!

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