11 July 2013

Review: Sephora Waterproof eye makeup remover

Hello guys!

I have a review today. On Sephora Waterproof eye make up remover.

I have tried almost every high-end duo-phase eye makeup remover (Dior, Ysl, Lancome...). And truth is I really didn't find them quite effective. I know many people rave about them but for me they didn't do anything that my Bioderma cleansing water doesn't. I may need to rub my eye area more when using these stuff.
However, after hearing all the rave about the Sephora one which is quite cheap too, and given the fact that the Bioderma is quite expensive, I thought about giving it a go. (Without having high hopes.)
My opinion? Nothing different from what I have tried from the higher-end brands. Same concept, really nothing different. Some pros: It didn't irritate my eyes and I also found it to be less oily than the Dior one which I remember it left a very oily residue.
Decision? Let's just say that I consider myself done with these duo-phase eye make-up removers. Well, until I hear of something phenomenal. :) 

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